Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shutting it Down

I'm sorry everyone.  I am done with this blog.  There is too much going on in my RL at this present time for me to keep trying to come in and do hunts or find items to show you.  Right now I need to focus on trying to help my kids with some of the decisions they are making.  They are not great decisions but I will stand behind them regardless of how much I and my husband are hurting and how much I want to protect them from the hurt that is headed their way.  They don't see it as right now all they are seeing is how much "mom" can do for them at this stage in their life but I know it is coming.  Cheating, lying, manipulative bitches don't change their spots.  Ok got that off my chest.  Thank you SL designers, creators and hunt producers for allowing me to showcase a lot of your amazing items.  You all have so much creativity and amazing abilities....I can make a box and load it full of stuff....please keep up the great work.  Show the world your potential and make your star shine.  Take care all.

Thank you once again,


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gifts Abound

Evening everyone.  I have more group gifts, some midnight mania wins, lucky wins and a few items from a couple hunts.  So instead of telling you how I am now about to drink my fourth cup of coffee for the day and how my skin seems to be buzzing.....let me get right to showing you the goodies.

~Sassy!~ has some Animal Attraction for us ladies to grab.  This  20K group gift is free to grab on the wall of gifts.  This pink animal print dress is perfect for these hot summer days and nights.   What do you think of my hair?  I love it.  Cinda is a lucky chair win from [LNS Designs].  This amazing swept over one shoulder style with hair pin comes in large and small size with an alpha and a HUD that allows you to change the hair colour.

The Summer of Love Maxi Dress is another group gift from ~Sassy!~.  Another dress that is perfect for summer.  This long skirt and tank top in pink with flower print comes in fittedmesh and the regular mesh in a variety of sizes.  Oh I should tell you that this group is free to join and there are tons of previous group gifts that you can grab once you join plus there are lucky chairs to stalk.

Midnight mania boards are awesome as I am sure you all know.  Slap a board, hope it reaches the target amount and the next morning it's like Christmas.  --Snowpaws-- has a few midnight mania boards, a few mini mania boards plus tons of lucky boards and lucky chairs.  The Foxglove Gown is one of the midnight mania board wins.  This is a stunning gown that includes the flouncy skirts, bodice with ruffle across the bust and waist and flower attachment.

Snow is another midnight mania win from --Snowpaws-.  This cocktail dress comes with resizers in both the skirt and the flower attachment so there should be no problem with making this fit just right.

Undaunted in Gunmetal is yet another midnight mania win from --Snowpaws--.  As you can tell another gorgeous cocktail dress that also includes a wrist crosage.  My hair in these last 3 pictures is another lucky chair win from [LNS Designs].  Imogen is a two bun updo that comes with a HUD that allows you to change the colour.

SUGAR, a new to me place, has loads of lucky chairs and the mesh Avida Tube Dress happened to be on an R chair.  This dress comes in a variety of sizes and clings to every curve.  My Laced Leather Boots are a group gift from [ free bird ] and my hair, you ask?  Well that was a Hair Fair gift from ChiChickie! (note: this is the link to the store and the fair link is to one of the main landing spots).  Sherry come with a HUD that allows you to change the hair to just about any colour you could desire.  

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt XII started on the 1st of July and ends on the 31st.  So there are a few days left to hunt down the Dreamcatchers and get some amazing gifts for free.  THE SEAMSTRESS gives us ladies this amazing dress called Fleur De Lis.

Astanova The Healer is the absolutely amazing gift from Feyline Fashions.  This complete outfit includes cloak, dress, boots, shirt, corset, basket with items gathered and a backpack that is full of stuff every healer would need to do her job.  My Summer Pride Unisex Antlers come with a resizer and is the gift from Tamiron Forge.  The Forest Blending tattoo you can sorta see carries on down the right side of the front of my body but is also on my back.  You can find this at [Even~Tide].

There are tons for items in this hunt to find.  More fashion plus household items and landscaping items.  But time is running out so make sure you get out there and find the dreamcatcher.

Well that's it for me for now.  The skin I have been wearing in this post is a former hunt prize from .:Panda Punx:. and my poses have been from posESioNDiesel Works and KaTink.  Take care of yourselves until next time.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I've been trying to get the energy or gumption to come in world and do some more blogging, but there are times where it is really, really hard.  And not because of a time crunch or anything like that.  Simply because I just wasn't feeling it anymore.  And than I finally logged back into this blog and my email.  The first thing I see is that someone made a comment on My Name is Alice blog post, so I go and check it out and Leh's Treasures was thanking me for showing her gift from the Resident Evil Hunt and then I noticed that I now have 4 followers.  May not be a huge thing for anyone else but for me it was tremendous, especially since I have been considering just ending the blog.  So sending a gracious Thank you to Leh's Treasures for giving this girl a little hope that maybe, just maybe there are more people than I thought checking out this little blog.  You made my day.

Ok enough with the stories and such, I do have some stuff to show.  Most of it is group gifts that, well since July is winding down, have more than likely been shown by countless others but here is my take on them.

Let's start with the gown, shall we?  What can be said about this absolutely stunning creation by MAAI Gowns?  The light pink colour reminds everyone that sometimes you can be a girly girl but still look sexy with the body hugging bodice and lace inserts on the back and shoulders.  This is a fitmesh item but in the folder is the regular mesh items as well as Lola Tango appliers for those who use them and this dress also comes in a variety of sizes, sure to fit just about anyone.  Eyna is a group gift and the group is free to join so once you do, click the Group Gift words on the wall and this dress can be yours.  Star is the gorgeous skin I am wearing and she can be found at .::WoW Skins::..  Now this group costs 350L$ to join but it is so worth it as there is a new skin every month plus you get access to tons of lucky boards and midnight mania boards.  Now on to my hair.  Yet another group gift and this one is from ""D!va"".  Akane comes in a variety of shades plus has a resizer which allows you adjust the size to fit your head.  A simple ponytail with tendrils hanging along the sides of your face works for a night out with your favourite guy in a formal dress or with jeans and a tee and hanging with the girls....or the other way around if it pleases you.  This is a free group join and there are lucky boards plus previous groups gifts that you can snag while at the store.

Oh look more group gifts....hehe.  The Rosalie Dress is a gift from Baby Monkey Shoes.  This mesh dress comes in a variety of sizes and a HUD that allows you to change the colour of the dress with 12 different choices.  There is a 250L$ fee to join this group but there are exclusive gifts for group members only plus at Christmas, Pixie has an Advent calendar with more gifts for the group.  The wonderful mesh Lola boots in black are a group gift from [ free bird ].  Once again these boots come in a variety of sizes and the group is free to join plus there are past gifts on a wall in the store for you to check out.

Well that's it for me for now.  I will try to be in attendance more and show more.  There are a couple of hunts that I have done but now need to go through and open the boxes and see what treasures I found.  I guess it is time to make my inventory explode....giggle.  Take care of yourselves until next time.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Antisocial Web Hunt

The Antisocial Web Hunt runs from May 1st to May 31st and is a freebie hunt.  You are looking for a lighter and there are 37 store to search and explore.  The web site above has all the information your little hearts could desire regarding this hunt.  I know I sorta said that I would hopefully be able to show you some stuff from this hunt on Sunday but my day got carried away from me.  But I am here today to show you a few of the items that can be found.

*X*plosion has this mesh Green Camo Tanktop as their gift.  This tank comes in tons of sizes ranging from XXS (extra, extra small) to L (large) plus I think sizes for those with the mesh boobies.  The wonderful mesh jeans I am wearing is the gift from [SUGARMARMITE] and again they come in a variety of sizes.  By the way, the way they hug your butt will make you the envy of every girl out there.  As you can see I am once again wearing .:Panda Punx:.'s Avery.  This skin is what you will get when you find their lighter.  I haven't taken her off since Sunday, which is weird for me since I usually stick to a darker tanned skin.  I really like this slightly innocent, just waiting to be naughty skin.  .HollyWeird.  has the Unisex Mesh Peircing as their gift.  This peircing is resizable so it is sure to fit you whether male or female.

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... allows you to show your true antisocialism with their I Hate People outfit.  The half shirt, mesh mini skirt and gloves are what is you will receive when you find the lighter.  It also comes with appliers for slink hands and for the boobies and butt (if I read the notecard right that is...doesn't help that I do not have these so therefore do not know much about them....sorry *sad face*).

Proclaim your Wasted Youth with this outfit from .Sugar & Cyanide. Mainstore.  The half shirt comes with appliers for your boobies and the ripped leggings come with appliers for the booty.

20.FIVE gives us Jarred in their lighter.  These low rider pants with suspenders comes with one long sleeved black shirt plus a short shirt in green, red, purple and black.  The sneakers are the gift from N1CO.  These mesh sneakers are unisex and completely resizable so they can be made to fit our dainty feet ladies and your man's manly feet.

This knitted sleeveless jacket is what you can get when you find the lighter at Insanya.  The textures are so well done with this and I just want to bury my hands in the pockets and go hang out downtown.

This next gift from >>>Poison<<< gives me the feeling that I should be heading out to the bar with Suvari and playing a few games of pool while drinking a cold one.  The mesh shirt comes in a variety of sizes plus there is one for the men in this lighter as well.

Ever have one of those days?  Well with [ bubble ]'s gift you can tell them without saying a word.  The crop top comes with a Lola Tangos Applier and the mesh arm warmers in loads of sizes.

alterego gives us this Motto Tank in a variety of sizes as it is a mesh item.  I know some people who follow these words of

Now there has been alot of black outfits in this post, which makes sense since this is the Antisocial Web Hunt but I had to show you the gift from ~Sassy!~.  This mesh pink Gecko long shirt can be in your inventory if you find their lighter.  The hair I have been wearing throughout this post is from [ LNS ] LaNoir Soleil Designs.  Caprica, the Lucky Pink Pack was won on the lucky chairs.  The pose box can be found on the marketplace for 0L$ here, :::[reink]:::.  You get two boxes; one that comes loaded with poses and different textures, colors and the ability to change the glow or shine and a lightbox one for products other than fashion.

Well that's it for me for today.  I hope you enjoyed what I have shown but remember there is still lots of stuff from the hunt that I didn't show, so get out there and do this hunt.  You have until the 31st of May, so plenty of time.  Until next time, take care.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!

Have you gotten a gift for your mom yet?  What?! You haven't...well then you are in luck today.  I have a few things that would be perfect for the moms out there.  Now these are group gifts, so you can't technically buy them and give them to your mom but I am sure that she wouldn't mind if you bring her to ((Crystal Line)) Apparel & Jewelry and join the group for free to grab these amazing pieces of jewellery.

Here is the Coco Necklace and Earrings.  The pretty orange pendant is accentuated with diamond bows and hanging diamonds on the necklace part.  And how about that ring?  The White Dove is a huge diamond ring and visually stunning.

The Ramona Necklace and Earrings is a beautiful combo with silver and pink stones.  You also have the ability of having the shadow from the jewelry be shown or not.

The Vine accessory set is made of gold half circles with loops and curly q's.  You also have the ability to hide the shadow or make it public.

The Blue Square set comes with earrings, bangles and 2 different types of chokers.  One with the single blue square and one with the multiply blue squares.

The Cherry Pierce earrings are just the cutest set and is yet another group gift.

The final group gift I want to show you are these gorgeous Angelina short boots in pink.  Accented with silver buckle and hanging flowers, these boots will make any outfit complete.  Now while you are wandering around ((Crystal Line)) Apparel & Jewelry make sure to check out the lucky boards.

The Rulie2 Necklace is one of the lucky board wins.  Silver leaves with a music note hanging from the bottom for all those music lovers out there.

Spray Necklace and Hoop earrings is another lucky board win.  Pearls, pearls and more pearls with a little silver heart hanging in the hoop earrings is the perfect Mother's Day win.  The skin I am wearing in all these photos is a gift in the Antisocial Web Hunt and can be found at .:Panda Punx:..  Avery is a slightly freckled, full red lipped with blush skin and I think she is absolutely darling.  I will be showing more from the hunt hopefully sometime today.....YAY!!!....something to look forward to.  :)  Avery also comes with all the appliers for bum, bust, hands, feet and baby bump.  My hair is a former group gift from Truth Hair.  Fernanda is a stunning updo that comes with a HUD which allows you to change your hair color at a moments notice.  Well that's it for me for now.  I hope all you moms out there are getting spoiled kids made me stay in the bedroom while they were in the kitchen.  I got my coffee brought to me and they made me some toast for breakfast, all while they were busy making a cake for me.  =D  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Name is Alice

Ok, ok it's really Roza, but sometimes a girl likes to pretend and The Resident Evil Hunt will give you that chance.  Now I hunted everywhere that I could think of to find a place with zombies, desolation, destruction and the like to take my pictures but....well alot of the places that looked amazing were strictly for role playing, that and the minute you stepped into a zone.....zombies were all up in your face.  May have to go back and see if I can actually take a couple down, but that's for another day.  On to information about the hunt.  There are 30 stops along the way and you are looking for a dagger and each dagger costs 2L$.  There is lots of time to do this hunt as it started on the 1st of May and runs until the 31st of May.  But let's get to some of the pictures shall we....

**Brii Underground Wear** has this complete mesh "Alice" outfit as their gift.  You get the tank top, mini skirt, shoulder holsters, arm warmers, leg guns, socks and boots plus the make up tattoo that I am wearing.  I love, love this outfit but then I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil movies and Alice.

This gorgeous mesh Black Cross Pencil Dress is the gift you will find at FashionNatic.  I love the way this leather dress drapes and hugs all the right curves, making it perfect for a night of clubbing.  The wonderful  French Quarter boots in Teal and Black can be yours if you find the dagger at Loordes of London.

Pinup Girls has two gifts in their dagger.  One for the men and this lovely Long Sleeved Dress with boots for us ladies.  You even get the sunglasses that I am wearing.

For those of you who liked the character Jill from the STARS, make sure you stop by {Goddess Couture} and find their dagger.  This entire mesh Jill outfit will be yours with guns and boots.

This FitMesh Alice Runner is the gift from Uni-qu3.  The way the light plays on the dress and boots, which are included in this gift, is amazing to me.  Plus it moves with my body, so no little bits showing....hehe.

And the final item I am going to show you is the gift from {LT} Leh's Treasures.  These mesh leather pants with Umbrella Corporation logo belt buckle is what you will find in their dagger.

Have you been checking out the skin I have been wearing?  This is Britney and she is a lucky board win from .::WoW Skins::..  Now it costs 350L$ to join but it is so worth it.  There are tons of lucky boards to stalk and group gifts just about every month.  My hair is from Exile.  Veronique is a previous group gift.

Now remember you have until the end of this month to go out and hunt down those daggers.  There is still so much I haven't shown you...have to leave some of it as a surprises.  Again each dagger is 2L$ but from what I have seen and shown you, well worth the little bit of lindens.  The Resident Evil Hunt is calling your name, just watch out for those zombies..... :).  Take care until next time.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bring May Flowers

Morning everyone.  I am sitting here clutching a mug of coffee, trying to get my brain to function.  Some days it is harder than it should be.  Ok enough of my bitchin...Have you heard about the Bring May Flowers hunt? What?! You haven't.  Well let me tell you this.  This hunt is very easy to do with only 51 stores involved, you are looking for an orange flower and when you find it, simply click it and pay 1L$.  Here are a few things that you can find along the way.

..::Nightmare Designs::.. has the Bring May Flowers Off the Shoulder Shirt and Maxi Skirt as their gift.  This mesh outfit comes in a variety of sizes with alpha layers.  My lovely blonde locks are from *~*Damselfly*~*.  Kayanna comes in small, medium and large mesh sizes and you can wear the hibiscus flower with it or without.  The Keep, in Black and Teal, is the necklace you will receive when you find the flower in Loordes of London.  Oh and make sure you stop by Rosengarten and find the flower to get the amazing Cherry Tree Skybox, which I took my pictures in.  The skybox comes fully loaded with 6 single and 3 couple poses and is makes for a perfect getaway with your significant other or if you want some time alone to reflect on whether you need more coffee or not....hehe.

Ok, that's it from me for now.  I need to go and find the perfect place for my next set of photos....zombies, destruction and  Take care until next time.